December 2021

Happy Christmas 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


Our close of business for December 2021 is 1pm Friday 24th December, so if this is a normal day for your child to attend it can be seen on your invoice and we will be re-opening on Tuesday 4th January 2022.



The children are loving looking at the change of seasons and  still enjoying the outdoors. As you can appreciate if you have brought an all in one into the nursery and it is not clearly marked with your child’s name, in there maybe some mix-up in items.  Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly marked. Week commencing 20th (13th for term-time only children) all items of clothing and bags will be sent home for them to be refreshed for the New Year.  If you are missing any clothing items please check the lost property boxes situated outside the main door.

We are trying to be as sustainable as possible and reduce our washing/plastic and printing used in the nursery. If your child has a sleep in the nursery and you would like them to have a blanket to sleep with please can you send this in at the start of the new year clearly marked with their name on.

We will be holding a Christmas Raffle this year and all donations would be appreciated before the 10th December.



From Tuesday 30th November 2021 it is mandatory to wear masks in all communal spaces and we would appreciate it if you continued to wear your mask at both drop off and pick-up.

Please may we kindly remind you that if your child is feeling poorly that you keep them at home. We are doing our best to keep the germs at bay and can only do this effectively with your help and support.

Remember, if your child has an upset tummy or sickness the 48 hour rule applies.

If your child doesn’t seem themselves and you know that they look unwell please do keep them at home, they will recover much quicker and if they’ve got a viral bug they won’t pass it on to others.

Especially during this time it is extremely vital that we work together to ensure the safety of all the children, families and staff so that we can continue to care for the children. If in doubt stay home and recover.

Also if any member of your family has Covid symptoms the whole family MUST isolate whilst awaiting test results- it really is not worth the risk.


As the weather is forever changing please be mindful that the roads and driveway maybe slippery, please drive with great care and attention. As many of you may have noticed we have very busy periods at both ends both ends of the day and may have to re-introduce timed drop off and pick ups, therefore all co-operation would be much appreciated!

In the evenings you are more than welcome to use the staff carpark as overspill. This is lit a lit up area but please be conscious of keeping your child/children with you as the farm gates are usually open

If you would like to discuss anything further please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01948838321.


After what has been a challenging 2021, we would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year for 2022!

Best wishes,

Matt, Vicky and the team.